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Identiti was proud to help lead the recent global rebranding initiative for Verizon. Our team was tasked with putting together a new signage family, brand standards, and an enterprise wide signage implementation plan. Once approved, Identiti supplied turnkey signage rebranding efforts at over 7,500 Corporate Retail locations, Agent Retail locations, and Corporate campus and Administration buildings across North America

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An opportunity for a rebrand with Identiti led to a 4 month program, working simultaneously on 85 corporate sites across 17 states, featuring exterior and interior signage; along with an opportunity to rebrand 3 high-rise locations at their headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky.

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H&R Block

Originally engaged on a limited trial basis in 2017, we're now the primary provider of facilities repair and maintenance for H&R Block's 12,000 North America retail tax offices. 

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One Medical

With 50+ locations in need of a rebrand and 50+ more comprised of new construction, One Medical was searching for a sign company with a proven track record of on-time deliverables and quality assurance within their brand guidelines.

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Uber needed an experienced, consistent, and a process oriented company that would execute signage at the highest level with their North American locations. In collaboration with Ware Malcomb, the teams worked together to offer a peace of mind.

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Art Institute

The Identiti team was tasked with developing the product specifications, shop drawings, and production files for the new branded interiors of The Art Institutes, a higher education organization with fifty-one (51) campuses throughout North America.

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