Tesla’s innovations have fundamentally changed how the automotive industry operates. With a brand like Tesla, which is synonymous with cutting-edge design, Identiti was a reliable choice in making its entire signage program to be a true, equal reflection of that brand promise Tesla makes to millions of drivers and passengers across the world


For over 100 years, Walgreens has set the standard in services such as health, wellness, photo, and prescription. Just as Identiti has set the standard in designing, fabricating, installing, and maintaining signage that resonates and leaves a lasting impression. So when it was time for a rebrand, Walgreens knew it could count on Identiti to take on the project of refreshing signage in some of the 9,000 Walgreens stores across the US.


Identiti is proud to showcase it’s exceptional signage for this monumental nationwide general retailer. Target selected our team as their trusted partner to assist with refreshing this iconic red in almost 50 of its locations. The quality of our work, our meticulous adherence to detailed specs and guidelines, and our consistency across all touchpoints protects the integrity of the brand promise Target makes each day to all its customers.


Identiti was proud to help lead the recent global rebranding initiative for Verizon. Our team was tasked with putting together a new signage family, brand standards, and an enterprise wide signage implementation plan. Once approved, Identiti supplied turnkey signage rebranding efforts at over 7,500 Corporate Retail locations, Agent Retail locations, and Corporate campus and Administration buildings across North America.


A nationwide signage refresh program, where our team oversaw new construction, relocation, and rebranding.

H&R Block

Originally engaged on a limited trial basis in 2017, we’re now the primary provider of facilities repair and maintenance for H&R Block’s 12,000 North America retail tax offices.


As the sole provider for Rent-A-Center’s signage refresh program, we completed 380+ locations across the country within a year.

One Medical

With 50+ locations in need of a rebrand and 50+ more comprised of new construction, One Medical was searching for a sign company with a proven track record of on-time deliverables and quality assurance within their brand guidelines.


Clients trust Identiti because we deliver refreshed branding and help create that desired personalized experience. MyEyeDr has a mission to re-invent the eyecare and eyewear experience, and doing so has helped drive their growth strategy, increasing their signage needs. The first thing you see with new clear vision is new clear signage.


An opportunity for a rebrand with Identiti led to a 4 month program, working simultaneously on 85 corporate sites across 17 states, featuring exterior and interior signage; along with an opportunity to rebrand 3 high-rise locations at their headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky.


Uber needed an experienced, consistent, and a process oriented company that would execute signage at the highest level with their North American locations. In collaboration with Ware Malcomb, the teams worked together to offer a peace of mind.

Art Institute

The Identiti team was tasked with developing the product specifications, shop drawings, and production files for the new branded interiors of The Art Institutes, a higher education organization with fifty-one (51) campuses throughout North America.