Burlington: Refreshing the Brand of a Fast-Growing Retailer

Burlington is one of the fastest-growing retail companies in the U.S., ranking #25 on National Retail Federation’s Hot 100 Retailers 2020 list. Identiti partnered with Burlington to create new digital signage for their flagship store in Las Vegas—managing the large-scale project from the conceptual and prototyping phases through manufacturing and installation.

Our team is now working on Burlington’s nationwide signage refresh program, overseeing new construction, relocations, and rebrands.

Program Highlights

Conceptualizing & Prototyping

Identiti joined the project early in the conceptual phase. Working directly with Burlington’s VP of Innovation and his team, we met in a conference room full of white boards and dry-erase markers to conceptualize and sketch ideas. Our process also included:
  • Touring the Daktronics facility with the Burlington team to show them how digital signs are made and explore different design possibilities
  • Working with the Burlington marketing and engineering team to develop conceptual drawings and approve a final design
  • Reverse-engineering a plan from the original budget to ensure Burlington received their desired outcome

Manufacturing & Installation

Our team worked hand-in-hand with Daktronics to make sure the digital signage, which displayed videos and other content, was completed within the set timeline and budget.

We also included static signage in the project, including some large and customer letters. We manufactured and installed all static elements in tandem with the digital signage.

The Burlington team was thrilled with our communication and execution on this first project, and this success opened the door to working on their refresh program.

Refresh & Rebrand Rollout

Burlington had worked with one sign vendor for over 20 years when we started our partnership. Identiti now shares the account with the incumbent vendor, splitting the store location map evenly. It was important for our team to integrate seamlessly into Burlington’s existing projects and processes. It can be challenging for a new provider to develop in-depth knowledge of an account so quickly, but our team was able to jump in and run projects alongside the other vendor without any gaps in quality or consistency.

In 2020, Identiti began working on a rebrand rollout across new stores in our territory, as well as refreshing the signage of a number of existing locations. This plan includes:

  • Managing custom sign rebranding and an intensive temporary signage program
  • Visiting a site and developing a schedule six months in advance of a project’s start date
  • Monitoring financial plans to deliver signage within or under budget
  • Meeting weekly with Burlington’s team and managing regular communication
  • Prototyping and specifying new signage needs
  • Completing fabrication and installation of new sign elements

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