Maintenance H&R Block

H&R Block: Large-Scale Maintenance & Repair Services

H&R Block, a leading provider of tax preparation services, has more than 6,600 corporately owned locations across North America. Our team began working with H&R Block on a limited trial basis in 2017, and we are now the primary provider for on-call maintenance and repair services for all North American locations. We fulfill an average…


Verizon: Implementing a Global Brand

Our team led Verizon’s global rebranding initiative, creating a new signage family, brand standards, and an enterprise-wide implementation plan for more than 7,500 corporate, retail, and administrative buildings across North America. Since 2016, Identiti has successfully rebranded exterior and interior signage for more than 4,500 Verizon locations across all 50 states, managing each step of…


One Medical: 60+ Locations in Need of a Rebrand

One Medical, a primary care practice with a mission to make high-quality healthcare more accessible and affordable, was looking for a partner to rebrand signage for 60+ locations and 50+ more new construction sites. Our team worked with One Medical to design, fabricate, and install interior signage and exterior window graphics to satisfy rigorous brand…


3 Recommendations for Rebranding & Signage Replacement

Rebranding is more than updating your logo or your mission statement. When you give your brand a refresh, it has a domino effect on your messaging and strategy, and it encompasses all the elements of design and branded assets, including signage. The design of the signage standards can send a message about the new direction…


Baird: Rebranding 85 Sites in 120 Days

Working with Baird’s Director of Real Estate and Facilities, our team had 4 months to design, fabricate and install signage for Baird’s 85 locations across 17 states. The project included exterior and interior signage; along with an opportunity to rebrand 3 prominent high-rise locations at their headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky. “From planning and project managing…


3 Ways to Maximize the Impact of Your Signage

First impressions count – and your business’ signage is one of the most important impressions you can make. From the marquee that invites shoppers into your store to the branded experiences they find within, your signage is a reflection of your company and your commitment to your customers. In an increasingly customer-centric age, the story…


Identiti Promotes Josh Sprecher to Director of Sales to Lead Next Phase of Growth

Josh Sprecher has been promoted to Director of Sales to lead the next phase of growth for Identiti, a privately held national signage company delivering comprehensive design, planning, management, fabrication, installation, and maintenance services for signage and branded environments. Sprecher joined Identiti in March 2011 as a National Account Executive. In 2015, he was promoted…


3 Vital Secrets to Driving Revenue by Maintaining Your Brand

We’ve all seen retail and restaurant signage that has a letter or two with a cracked face or where the illumination is out. This scenario can immediately ruin our impression of a business. A survey by FedEx and Ketchum Global Research & Analytics measured the importance of signage and its impact on consumers. According to the…