picture of emily in identiti bracket logo

Identiti, a national provider of exterior and interior signage, graphics, and maintenance services, has named Emily Gillespie as Director of Human Resources. The company, which celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2021, is investing in its HR capacity in response to the growth and expansion recently recorded.

“Emily has an impressive track record of successfully building, improving, and solidifying culture and team-focused initiatives,” said Zack Sicher, Managing Partner at Identiti. “She will be vital to galvanizing our team in many aspects. In the last several years, we’ve onboarded larger retail clients—like Walgreens, Target, Tesla, and others—with thousands of locations nationwide. We understand that we need great people to serve these incredible clients, evolve our signage products, and improve our services that protect brand integrity and ensure peace of mind.”

Previously, Emily held the role of HR Director at Chicago’s Cresco Labs, which reported to investors high-growth revenue and other financial metrics during her tenure with the publicly-traded company. Before that, she served in the human resources department at Pampered Chef and Starwood Retail Partners. A graduate of St. Mary’s College, Emily values continued personal growth and enjoys hands-on projects. Her teams have lauded her patience in times of adversity and noted her dedication to their well-being.

In the role of Director of Human Resources, Emily will lead all aspects of human resources, including the onboarding of team members who exemplify the core values at the heart of Identiti’s brand promise: partnership, accountable, speed & quality, culture, and adaptable.

“The culture we’ve established at Identiti is special,” said Zack Sicher. “As Emily spearheads efforts that will continue to grow our team, it’s crucial we’re adding new members who believe in building and strengthening that culture.”

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