We get signage. And we get it done right. For over thirty years, we’ve been planning, project managing, fabricating, installing, and maintaining signage and branded environment programs for exacting customers, nationwide.

Our company was built around a simple but demanding vision: to be recognized as a best-in-class resource in the national signage marketplace — and to be valued as experienced and capable providers, skilled implementers, and professional problem-solvers.

Striving to achieve that vision never ends. We see every day as an opportunity to improve our craft, to find better ways to do what we do, and to work more effectively with our strategic partners to execute our customers’ signage and environmental branding objectives. Always with a relentless focus on quality, efficiency, courtesy, and integrity.

Our purpose is to bring your identiti to life.
Our promise is to provide peace of mind as an extension of your organization.

  • Partnership

    We earn long term client and vendor relationships by acting with integrity and passion.

  • Accountable

    We rely on transparent communication with our clients, partners, and employees to build relationships based on trust.

  • Speed & Quality

    We have an award-winning ability to hit your milestones while maintaining rigorous quality control.

  • Culture

    We work as a family, striving to deliver the best culture for our stakeholders, and be contributing influence in the communities where we operate.

  • Adaptable

    We adapt to ensure reliable execution regardless of changing scale, scope, timing, or evolving external factors.

Our Clients

Company Background

Co-founded by Larry Sicher in 1991 as a local sign and service agent, Identiti Resources has been focused on excellence in customer service and communication since its inception.

Now led by brothers Michael and Zack Sicher, the company has grown to become a national provider of exterior and interior signage, graphics, and maintenance services, with a network of award-winning installation partners.

True to its original philosophy, Identiti continues to build on its original vision through an unwavering commitment to people and processes, and to providing best-in-class products and services from its headquarters in Schaumburg, IL, and its manufacturing facilities in Illinois, and Ohio.

Michael Sicher

Managing Partner

A performer at heart, Michael focuses on strategic planning, and people.

Our father co-founded Identiti Resources in 1991 with one key theme: we will service our clients better. From day one, the emphasis was 100% on customers and customer service.

I was at a Fortune 500 company, having success there, but wanted to move to the family business. I put together a business plan that revolved around a couple of things.

One: strategic planning, making sure that we’re going to be able to perform for our clients and offer operational excellence every day.

And two: making Identiti a great place to work — offering employees a place where they can grow, where they can feel comfortable, where they really want to be, and ultimately, a place where they can be successful. Culture matters because people matter.

What keeps me up at night is executing for our customers — making sure that our company continues to grow, flourish, and ultimately, that we’re able to build a scalable and sustainable future so that our father’s legacy can continue.

That’s why I’m so proud of our people. Because they’ll go out of their way for each other, and they’ll go out of their way for our clients. Seeing the success and the growth of our employees is, I think, one of the most exciting things for Zack and me.

Zack Sicher

Managing Partner

A former airline pilot, Zack focuses on operations and finance.

While the signage industry is not quite the same as flying a plane, there is certainly a lot of correlation between the two.

Operationally, you have to be strong in flying an airplane, and the same goes here. There’s turbulence flying and obviously, running a business there’s turbulence there as well. It’s all about ensuring that plans are in place.

You have to be able to think outside of the box, present solutions when things that weren’t planned for come up — which in our industry happens quite often — but ensuring that a solid foundation of a plan was put in place from the beginning.

As situations come up, we’re prepared. We communicate. We present solutions. And we move forward with a new plan of attack.

We pride ourselves on over-communicating to our clients. They have internal customers that they need to keep in the loop on how things are progressing in the field. We keep them abreast of all situations that are occurring, which allows them to properly communicate with their colleagues and internal customers.

What I love about Identiti is the strong culture — the organic culture — that everyone embraces daily. Teamwork, collaboration, the strong desire to want to succeed as a team. Those are all things that make Identiti special.

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Work With Us

Our culture is a reflection of the people who work to achieve our ongoing vision. It’s the cumulative embodiment of the pride, spirit, professionalism, collaboration, energy, respect, growth mindset, and generosity embedded in our company’s DNA. Simply put, culture is the thing we value most, because we know our customers value it most.


Want to be part of the dynamic team at Identiti? If you’re looking for an opportunity to work in a fast-paced, rewarding, and challenging environment — and you’ve got a skill set that can add value and a mindset that can make a positive difference — we need to know.