Verizon Wireless: Implementing a Global Brand

Identiti was proud to help lead the recent global rebranding initiative for Verizon. Our team was tasked with putting together a new signage family, brand standards, and an enterprise wide signage implementation plan. Once approved, Identiti supplied turnkey signage rebranding efforts at over 7,500 Corporate Retail locations, Agent Retail locations, and Corporate campus and Administration buildings across North America.


Working directly with Verizon’s Chief Marketing Officer and his branding team, we created more than 200 signage prototypes during a three-month timeframe. In a detailed review process handled in a multi-phased approach, Verizon leadership reviewed full-scale signage prototypes — mocked up in a real-world application — in a warehouse setting, and in many cases, prototype element, fabrication, and installation changes were executed in less than 24 hours to expedite the review process.

Consistent with Verizon’s new premium brand, all signage elements were designed to account for:

  • Low Profile Visibility
  • Highest Quality Components
  • Maximum Illumination

Signage Family Specification and Engineering

Once Verizon’s team had selected the final signage family, we were tasked with developing detailed specification and engineering involving:

  • Signage spec creation, signage engineering, and specification drawings for elements in the Verizon signage family, including channel letters (low profile controlled background, low profile raceway, standard raceway), integrated cabinet signs, awnings, backer panel signage, blade signs, tenant panels, monument and pylon signage, and interior signage.
  • Specification design of all illumination elements including LED layouts for all signage elements, as well as custom plastics and vinyl needed for proper light dispersion to meet exacting Verizon premium brand initiative requirements.
  • Working with certified electrical and structural engineers to reinforce the specification integrity of the Verizon sign family.

Implementation Analysis and Planning

With all the necessary elements in place, the final tasks were to source the national raw material partners needed to implement the Verizon program, and to develop a rollout schedule that would account for all timelines, material cost allowances, and project timelines. The implementation plan included:

  • Developing a schedule that factored in all timing and costs associated with six month, one year, two year, and four year program implementation plans.
  • In its completion, having had over 10 face to face meetings Identiti completed full signage prototype phase, specifications and engineering for the complete Verizon family, cost analysis and implementation and planning necessary for VZW to roll out their rebrand program to all their North American stores.

Program Execution & Rollout

Since 2016, we’ve successfully rebranded more than 4,500 Verizon locations across all 50 states, facilitating a full range of exterior and interior signage applications. From day one — through our real-time reporting system — Verizon’s team members have been able to monitor all aspects of the program, from on-time deliverables and completions, to asset management capabilities across individual branding elements. And in special projects that have been required along the way, we’ve partnered with Verizon’s program architect to continue to provide:

  • Prototyping and specification of new signage needs.
  • Presentation of ongoing technological advances within the signage industry.
  • Implementation of a value-engineered prototype process, specifications creation, and rollout plan for the VZW Franchise channel.
  • A national maintenance program rapid prototype in real-world application.

Read and download the full case study below.

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