Amazon: Delivering Prime Signage

Amazon, the global e-commerce retailer, has built a brand that’s impossible to miss. Its A-to-Z smile is in households and communities across the country. From the package sitting on the neighbor’s porch, to the delivery truck making the rounds up and down the street, to the Prime video playing on living-room TVs, few have escaped the ubiquity and power of their brand.

Amazon needed a partner they could trust for their fulfillment centers. With dozens of new launches and a constant need for signage at their existing centers, a key requirement for this program is the ability to scale and handle capacity. Our team continuously delivers a series of powerful visuals, that not only adheres to Amazon’s stringent brand standards, but also amplifies them. Completing 100’s of signage work orders per week, Identiti has shown the ability to execute at the highest level. Brand awareness is the given but the under-lining purpose is to aid in driving efficiency of getting people and product where they need to be and without delay.

“Thrilled to see the excellent work performed by the team. I would have expected nothing less!”

Services & Scope of Work

  • Large vinyl prints and interior signage manufacturing
  • Survey: Layout planning and site walk through
  • Wall and vinyl prepping
  • National network of interior installers
  • Quick turnaround
  • Detailed packaging
  • Designed and implemented proprietary shipping process for entire program

Branded Environments

Identiti was able to create a three-dimensional environment for Amazon that works as a physical expression of its brand. By integrating form, function, and design, we’re able to tell their story and bring to life their unique mission and vision. The vinyl installation was used to showcase their slogan, leadership principles, and branded images such as their delivery trucks, planes, and packages.

Implementation Analysis & Planning

With all the necessary elements in place, our team was able to add value at every step of the process, from communication, packaging list, and installation guide. Our team created a process that can be scaled up or down depending on the capacity.
  • Shipping material out within weeks, overnighting signs needed for inspection
  • Continous process improvement to increase speed of delivery
  • Ability to inventory key sign elements
  • Custom labeling system
  • Top tier reporting

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