Tesla: Accelerate Your Signage

Tesla is known for its transformative technology. Their innovations have fundamentally changed how the automotive industry operates. With a brand like Tesla, which is synonymous with cutting-edge design, Identiti was a reliable choice in making its entire signage program to be a true, equal reflection of that brand promise Tesla makes to millions of drivers and passengers across the world.


The individual Tesla locations had tight timelines and requirements to hit a series of gallery showroom opening dates. Identiti took several steps to ensure the signage was completed on time so that no location had to delay welcoming customers into their showrooms.


We were able to adjust our process so that tasks that are typically linear, where a completed task then triggers the start of the next task in line, were now operating simultaneously. We established multiple tracks so tasks could be completed in parallel. On one track, we worked with the city on permitting expedition. On other tracks, we were coordinating with our fabrication team and suppliers to make sure that the design execution and product shipment would be delivered on time. Our commitment to Tesla’s brand, deadlines, and requirements was prevalent when we created their entire signage program. We were able to implement multitasking and work on multiple tracks at the same time.


We are beyond excited to be working with Tesla; they are a like-minded client that understands the value in leveraging technology to drive manufacturing and project timelines. With several successful signage installations now complete, it’s exciting to have demonstrated that we can deliver world-class results for one of the world’s top brands.

Work Highlights


We Deliver Peace of Mind:

  • Processes to manage a high volume of projects
  • Fabrication and installation of both interior and exterior signage
  • Delivery of industry-leading turn-around times

Details on Deliverables

  • Manage projects at Tesla facilities across the U.S
  • Install monument, channel letters, wall cabinets, vinyl, and interior ADA panel signs
  • Outline a construction schedule and project plan to meet requirements of various dealership opening dates
  • Fabricate and install temporary signage until permanent installations are complete
  • Streamline the quoting process with a standard pricing structure that allows for a high volume of quote requests
  • Monitor and track site statuses and post important updates, along with project documents, to their online portal
  • Provide weekly status reports for all locations

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