Rebranding is more than updating your logo or your mission statement. When you give your brand a refresh, it has a domino effect on your messaging and strategy, and it encompasses all the elements of design and branded assets, including signage.

The design of the signage standards can send a message about the new direction your company is heading, new partnerships, new products, or services. The design should be unique, memorable, and easy to read so that people know exactly who you are and the value you deliver whenever they see one of your signs.

Balancing brand and budget

If you’re in charge of a new brand rollout plan that requires signage replacement, keep in mind that the cost to rebrand signs to reflect your new corporate identity can devour a sizable piece of your brand implementation budget.

Having been in business 30 years, we have found that a “like for like” replacement strategy is not always merited. A rebranding project is the ideal time to review your approach to your signage family, and make decisions about what’s needed, and what’s not.

We begin by evaluating requirements with the goal of creating a cohesive yet flexible approach to addressing overall communication and wayfinding needs and improving brand impact and compliance.

Benefits of brand management & expertise

An experienced signage partner is more than a vendor, they can guide your custom rebranding signage project from start to finish.

Working with Verizon, our team was tasked with putting together a new signage family, brand standards, and an enterprise-wide signage implementation plan.

Once approved, Identiti supplied turnkey signage rebranding efforts at over 4,500 Corporate Retail locations, Agent Retail locations, and Corporate campus and Administration buildings across North America.

Working directly with Verizon’s Chief Marketing Officer and his branding team, we protected the integrity of the global brand and we worked quickly to meet their timeline. We created more than 200 signage prototypes in 90 days while managing the complexities of dealing with site surveys, code review, and permitting.

Resources to guarantee successful rebranding

From program inception through installation and ongoing maintenance, we ensure that all the T’s are crossed, and the I’s are dotted. During the busyness of a rebrand, we bring resources, people, and process to the table, including:

  • Driving project milestones with a consistent and responsive level of urgency
  • Providing the highest level of communication in the industry
  • Pursuing quality for all aspects of the client experience

From prototyping and developing implementation guidelines to performing code due diligence and garnering landlord/municipality approval, we are proud to oversee rebranding for healthcare, retail, financial, hospitality, and technology clients throughout the US.

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