H&R Block, a leading provider of tax preparation services, has more than 6,600 corporately owned locations across North America.

Our team began working with H&R Block on a limited trial basis in 2017, and we are now the primary provider for on-call maintenance and repair services for all North American locations. We fulfill an average of 50 to 75 work orders per week in the three to four months leading up to tax season.

“H&R Block has thousands of offices and each one is doing work vitally important to it’s clients. We know how important it is to protect and restore the brand for every location, especially during their busiest time of the year,” said Rob Fehlman, Service Manager at Identiti. “Our team is quick, skilled, and reliable in responding to urgent and responsive issues.”

The main types of work orders we complete fall into three categories:

  • Emergency: Response time of four hours or less (including Sundays and holidays)
  • 24-Hour: Performed outside of business hours and Saturdays
  • 3-5 Day: Performed Monday to Friday during business hours

Our comprehensive suite of services meet both emergency repairs and ongoing maintenance, including:

  • Replacing and removing signs
  • Providing ballasts and power supplies
  • Repairing lights (neon, LED, lamps)
  • Replacing faces and tenant panels
  • Maintaining and repairing electrical, photocell, and time clock elements
  • Fixing or replacing other broken components

Read our case study about the services we provide H&R Block.