H&R Block: Large-scale responsive service.

Originally engaged on a limited trial basis in 2017, we're now the primary provider of facilities repair and maintenance for H&R Block's 12,000 North America retail tax offices. 

National in Scope

We facilitate on-call maintenance for all North American locations for H&R Block - more than 10,000 in total - with pre tax-season work order volumes in the 50 to 75 per week range over the course of three to four months. We typically execute against three (3) types of work orders:


Response times of four hours or less.
Includes Sundays/Holidays.


Performed outside of businness hours and Saturdays.

3-5 Day

Monday to Friday during business hours.



We offer a full suite of repair and maintenance services to cover any and all requirements.

∎ Break-Fix Maintenance

∎ Sign Removals / Replacements

∎ Neon Repair, LED Repair, Lamps

∎ Ballasts & Power Supplies

∎ Electrical, Photocell, and Time Clock work

∎ Face Replacements / Tenant Panel Replacement Programs

∎ LED Retrofit Programs

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HR Block Mockup

Building a quality sign is a given, but it’s the ride we offer that’s the difference. Sign up below to join us on our journey and see how we shine against our competition.

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