First impressions count – and your business’ signage is one of the most important impressions you can make. From the marquee that invites shoppers into your store to the branded experiences they find within, your signage is a reflection of your company and your commitment to your customers.

In an increasingly customer-centric age, the story you tell through your signage matters. According to a recent study, 76% of people have visited a store for the first time because of its signage. With 90% of all retail purchases still taking place in-store, the importance of a strong brick-and-mortar presence isn’t going away anytime soon.

For businesses, high-quality signage can be a powerful selling point that drives customer loyalty and competitive advantage. That said, making your mark with signage takes much more than slick design and placement. It requires agility, attention to detail, regulatory knowledge, and the ability to execute across your entire portfolio of stores when needed. Here are three areas we focus on at Identiti to ensure your signage is working as hard as it can for your business.

  1. Creating the largest signs possible based on applicable codes

When it comes to signs, bigger is better. At Identiti, we know our customers want to maximize their signage footprint to improve visibility and stand out in dense shopping districts. Finding the ideal size for each location, however, requires in-depth knowledge of the often-confusing patchwork of local ordinances and federal regulations. For brands with a regional or national presence, staying on top of every code is virtually impossible. That’s why we oversee the code review and permitting process for customers, performing extensive research and due diligence to determine dimensions with precision. We get creative to squeeze every possible inch out of an existing space, asking officials for permission to use negative space and dimensional calculations when possible to increase overall size. We also keep a close eye on other relevant laws, such as nighttime brightness rules for LED signs, to ensure every piece is perfectly compliant.

  1. Delivering on time, every time

Our customers depend on their signage to drive foot traffic and sales. Whether they’re opening a new location or rolling out a national rebranding effort, they can’t afford to have a store with missing or outdated signage. Identiti treats client timelines as our own, establishing and executing against customer service level agreements to avoid delays or complications. In an industry where disruptions often crop up, we rely on a vast network of 3,200 installation and service partners and proactive communication to address any issues quickly. That combination of teams, processes and capabilities means we deliver more than signage – we deliver peace of mind.

  1. High-quality fabrication that reflects the uniqueness of your brand

Nearly seven in 10 people (68%) believe signage is reflective of the quality of a store’s products and services, FedEx research shows. For national brands, in particular, it takes a high level of coordination and operational excellence to create a consistent experience across every location. At Identiti, we maintain two manufacturing facilities to manage fabrication, giving us greater quality control as well as quicker turnaround times. Our proven process for interior and exterior signage – prototype, test, specify, fabricate, install – has enabled us to meet the needs of enterprise brands like Verizon, Potbelly, Dunkin’ Donuts and many more. Once signage is in place, we also manage ongoing maintenance to keep signage looking its best and extend the life of your investment.

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