We’ve all seen retail and restaurant signage that has a letter or two with a cracked face or where the illumination is out. This scenario can immediately ruin our impression of a business. A survey by FedEx and Ketchum Global Research & Analytics measured the importance of signage and its impact on consumers. According to the results, over 50% of survey respondents indicated that poor signage (e.g., poor quality, misspelled words) deterred them from entering a place of business.

In this article, we will dive into the 3 vital secrets to maintaining your brand.

  1. Create a Clean & Welcoming Customer Experience 

Prior to entering a space, signage is the first point of interaction for customers. The new norms of our society continue to evolve and there is a constant need for a clean environment where customers feel safe and welcome.

About 68% of consumers believe that a company’s signage reflects the quality of its products or services. When signage is neglected and not properly maintained, this impedes visibility. Customers who do notice your sign may get a bad impression due to weak or broken illumination.

Quality is key in preventing sign outages. Identiti utilizes top tier products in our 2 in-house manufacturing facilities. We ensure longevity and best-in-class OEM warranties. Identiti has a wide range of full-time project managers as well as 3,600 in-field support partners. Because of this, our company has 100% North American coverage and is able to be on-site anywhere in the United States within 4 hours. Regardless of the type of repair, it is essential to ensure that your signs are adequately lit and visible to potential customers at all times.

  1. Invest in Sign Maintenance

Signage is an investment which can deliver a terrific return on investment if it is properly cared for. The benefits and requirements of consistent sign maintenance are clear. Signs are not built to be indestructible. After several years, signs begin to fade, peel, and crack depending on the quality of product. Although this cannot be reversed completely, a dedicated maintenance program could slow down this process and extend the life of your signage.

Our preventative maintenance program includes routine sign cleanings of the inside of the letters, cabinets and faces. From an aesthetic standpoint, this ensures your signs are clean and illuminating at their brightest potential. By acting before problems occur, Identiti minimizes signage downtime. While on-site, our company completes a full sign audit and compiles a comprehensive catalog of each sign element per location. This catalog includes an updated inventory, including: store location, sign type, and dimensions of all signage elements. This tool can provide your maintenance team the opportunity to plan repairs and retro fits which will save money in the long run.

  1. Benefits of a Trustworthy Partnership

To represent your organization’s brand at the highest level, you need someone who is qualified and someone your trust. At Identiti, we focus on building trust through long-term relationships. We become an extension of our client’s organization by working together to carry out your vision. We are committed to delivering the best customer experience by providing our clients with peace of mind.

In a facility group survey, Identiti was rated #1 out of 17 vendors with a 98.9% confidence rating. We have received the Cushman Wakefield Partner of the year award and were named Verizon’s Vendor of the Year numerous times. Click here to see our team at work.

If you’re looking for a signage and branded environment partner, we’d love to connect.