Art Institute: Rebranding 51 Campuses Across North America

The Art Institutes is a system of private schools that focuses on education, student outcomes, and community involvement. At 51 campus locations across North America, the higher-education institution was in need of a comprehensive rebrand of their interior and exterior signage.

Program Highlights

Services & Scope of Work

The project ran over the course of 12 months, and a key challenge was at kickoff. We had to design a cost-effective, scalable solution that was sturdy enough stand up to the high traffic of a college campus, yet flexible enough to work with the unique floor plans and layouts of each respective campus. Also, as a place of higher learning, the signage had to be inspirational—something to spur the creativity and uplift the minds of students, educators, and administrators alike.


The prototyping process began with collaborative sessions with The Art Institute’s stakeholders. This included collecting requirements and preferences from senior leadership, marketing, and facilities teams, as well as from the external branding agency that developed the organization’s new look. With this information, our team developed drawings, scales, and full-size prototypes that our installation team could test-fit at the Houston campus. The services and products for this program included:
  • Exterior signage
  • Interior wall prep and painting
  • Digitally printed type II wall coverings
  • Digital and tackable displays
  • Branded wayfinding
  • An innovative magnetic display system
  • Acrylic signage
  • Dimensional and vinyl topography


Once The Art Institutes approved the product family, our team developed product standards and planned a rollout schedule. When developing this implementation plan, some of the considerations included:
  • Factoring in new campus launches, relocations, and academic calendars unique to each location
  • Tailoring site-specific plans and cost projections, based on the unique floor plan of each location
  • Touring each location with the respective local school stakeholders to collect thoughts on brand elements, rollout conditions, and any additional opportunities


On budget and ahead of schedule, Identiti successfully rebranded 51 locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. Some of the special considerations and unique solutions our team devised across the 12-month execution period included:
  • Consolidating materials into individual containers that could be shipped to the many sites. While on-site, the installation teams could then use the containers as hubs where they could prep materials and store tools, minimizing disruption to school activity.
  • Working nights, weekends, and at other off times to accommodate academic calendars
  • Assigning an on-site project manager responsible for quality assurance, daily progress reports, and completion photos
  • Scheduling post-completion walkthroughs with the respective local school stakeholders to ensure complete satisfaction

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